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Smart Services is a Professional Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation - AFTR Preparers listed on the Internal Revenue website and Tax Resolutions resource company, meeting the needs of Houston and the surrounding communities.

We at Smart Services are proficient in providing off-site services that will save time and money. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of any small, mid-sized or large business.

Our Bookkeeping is cost effective and designed to process the financial data of any sized company, we will maintain information regarding financial records and the reporting of financial statements. We can save a company anywhere from 20% to 45% of the cost to maintain in-house staff, we can eliminate a company's:

  • Staffing salaries
  • Taxes, Medical and other Reporting Requirements
  • Hiring Costs
  • Professional training
  • Office Space, phones, expensive computers, software and continual upgrades
  • Inefficiencies due to turnover issues, sick, vacation, administrative leave and personal days.

Outsourcing to Smart Services provides cost effective services that will not only guarantee great results but will allow business owners to concentrate solely on growing and operating their business without the distraction of bookkeeping functions.

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