The Smart Services team specialize in making sure companies of all sizes are able to have a set of books to see what the business is doing and where the business is going. 

Our goal is to take your documents (data), create accurate and complete set of books for companies to know the financial state of their company. We create Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Summary or details for such purposes.  Smart Services uses your bank statements, receipts, invoices and other data that is necessary to create accurate books that meet the requirements of each of our clients. Additionally, we create and manage the depreciation of viable and workable assets that companies have purchased, tracking depreciation to the end of the assets life.


We will maintain reconciliation of all bank accounts (for sole proprietorships-separate personal data). Maintain payroll even if it is outsourced to a major chain for maintenance of payroll, responsible for journal entries and accurate reporting of payroll taxes, insurance and other (such as business insurances or retirement plans); will track data for your information. We maintain date for business to report correct sales tax in the bookkeeping process.

Our company reaches the gamut of many industries from restaurants, trucking companies, electrical engineering, physicians, attorneys, security services, construction, property appraisal and more.